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About LF

Label Printing Factory

LF company have sophisticated printing equipment, top edge testing equipment and a professional technicians team. We are a one-stop operation shop from graphic design, film output, molding, etc. Focusing on producing direct thermal labels, coated paper labels, serial number barcode film label , serial number QR code film label, high temperature resistant label, cold chain label, VOID tamper-proof label, earphone cable pair detachable label, self-adhesive materials label and exquisitely printed labels, etc.

Our company adheres to the ideal of remain true to the original aspiration,love the world. Holding the core values of concentration, innovation, integrity and win-win, thus develops and manufactures each product with heart to ensure that the product is green, environment friendly, safe and non-toxic which meets world class industry standard.

We believe only by providing high-quality products and services to our clients constantly, a company can gain the trust from customers, always win a place in the industry and be able to make unremitting efforts for the innovation and development of the label field.



Large Production Capacity

LF Technical team is with more than 10 years printing experience. We are able to proceed mechanized production with large-scale equipment, modern high-speed computer data labeling machine, 600DPI barcode printer and 300DPI barcode printer.

The annual output of serial number barcodes and serial number 2D QR code labels printed in the film is more than 80 million, and the annual output of Ultra-high temperature resistant label and electronic nameplates is more than 60 million, which can meet customer’s needs for large-scale supply at any time.

Quality Control

LF is using environment friendly raw materials. Glue layer and the backing paper are from our long-term cooperated raw material supplier. The lamination technology ensures that the product is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and resistant to alcohol wiping.

The whole process is with strictly quality control, can provide sample inspection report, shipment inspection report, production manual, avoiding wrong code, garbled code, change code, to ensure the quality.

Perfect Service

Pre-sale service: According to customer’s needs, we can suggest and provide the suitable raw materials, backing paper and glue layer, and respond to customer’s requirement in a fast manner.

In-sale service: Tracking the production progress throughout the process, carry out production and supply in strict accordance with the production cycle, and have service personnel follow up to report the progress.

After-sales service: report the progress of the order, and establish a deep and stable cooperative relationship with logistics and delivery companies.